API 525 Classic Compressor (500-Series)

It could be argued that the API 525 is the most successful solid state feedback compressor in history. It delivers dynamics control behaviour unlike VCA “feed forward” compressors so common today.

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With the API 525, you get the sound of API’s famous 525 — a modular compressor originally introduced in the 1970s. This compressor reissue is a “feedback” type of compressor, for classic sonic character and exceptional dynamics control behaviour. Onboard the API 525, the cool multi-function “ceiling” control can lower threshold while raising output level to match, so you can adjust dynamics without changing level. As part of API’s modular 500 Series, you’ll enjoy classic-but-versatile character in a flexible and reasonably priced design, with the API 525.

  • Peak detecting “feedback” compressor/limiter
  • Variable Threshold and Output levels
  • Unique “Ceiling” control combines key functions
  • Analog VU meter for monitoring gain reduction
  • 4 Switchable release modes
  • De-Ess function
  • Traditional API fully discrete circuit design
  • Active Balanced Input/Output
  • Hardwire bypass
  • Exact reissue of API’s original 525 from the early 70’s