Royer Microphones

Royer Labs was formed in 1998 to bring David Royer’s unique, modern ribbon microphone designs to the world.

When Royer Labs first opened, ribbon mics had been largely forgotten, but the R-121 and SF-12 quickly captured the imagination of recording enthusiasts around the world. This new generation of ribbon microphones proved to be a perfect match to the rise in popularity of digital recording, as engineers rediscovered the warmth, analog feel and smooth sound of ribbons. Today, Royers are found in studios and on live stages around the world.

Royer Labs’ mission is to bring the uniquely natural sound qualities of ribbon microphones to the world. Royer believes in better microphones for better music, and their path is constant reinvention and innovation in ribbon microphone technology.

The Royer Labs goal is to impart warmth, realism and musicality into the digital recording process, holding themselves to the highest possible standards of workmanship, to provide engineers with the worlds finest and most durable ribbon microphones.

Royer microphones can be found in every quality recording environment, from home workstations and world class studios to the concert stage.

The Royer R-121 Studio Ribbon Microphone, regarded as a work-horse microphone among top recording professionals, is available for hire at Mic Hire.