Apogee AD Converters

Apogee provides customers with an unparalleled experience by making the best professional audio devices in the world. Apogee products deliver ultimate sound quality, inspiring simplicity and incredible value. The company continues to innovate and challenge old paradigms with new solutions that advance audio recording and elevate creativity.

Apogee initially made its name with special anti-aliasing filters that solved many of the early problems associated with digital audio. Later, Apogee’s complete conversion systems pushed the envelope of digital audio quality and established Apogee as a key innovator in the field of professional digital audio. Today, Apogee converters and audio interfaces are regarded as the reference standard in the audio industry.

Apogee has a long standing commitment to manufacturing all their products in the USA, for nearly 3 decades designing and engineering products in Santa Monica, California. Building products in the U.S. allows Apogee to better communicate with their manufacturing partners, react quickly to technological advancements, and maintain a higher standard of quality.

Mic Hire stocks the Apogee Ensemble, a digitally controlled, professional audio interface designed specifically for Mac. The unit features 36 channels of simultaneous audio, including eight channels of Apogee’s A/D and D/A conversion and four transparent, digitally controlled 75dB microphone preamps.

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