Neve (AMS)

The presence of AMS Neve’s products in a studio is a recognition of its world-class
recording status – no question.

With a reputation for creating the world’s sweetest sounding and longest-lasting analogue
and digital consoles, the most discerning artists, producers and facility owners regard our
products as number one for desirability on their equipment list, and have done for the past
fifty years.

AMS Neve is a dedicated, engineering-led and privately owned company whose continuing
mission is to provide the best possible sound, capability and operational experience for
the most creative people in the world – whether it be for film, recorded music, or TV and

All AMS Neve products are designed and built in England in a purpose built, integrated
facility. Close supervision of the entire process by the product designers ensures the finest
performance possible.

Recognised by all the premier bodies in the various fields of music, TV and film, the products
and their designers have been honoured by two Scientific and Engineering Academy®
Awards, an Emmy™ and a Grammy™ amongst many others.

Mic Hire carries various AMS Neve products, including the 1073lbeq Equaliser, 1073LB Microphone Preamp and 2264alb Compressor.

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